A Plastic Free Planet

Will it ever happen? Sadly, probably not. From electronics to health care to travel to food production, plastic is too deeply ingrained in our way of life to hope that someday the world will be completely plastic free. However, there are countless areas in our day to day lives where we can reduce our use of single-use plastics, reuse plastic products we already have, and recycle what we can’t reuse (or transition to using a recyclable product). Personal care products often use low quality, single-use plastics that are destined for landfills and oceans, so we thought that sounded like a pretty good place to offer an alternative.

Bee Balm has three goals:

1. Prove that a natural product in compostable packaging can exceed the quality and user experience of conventional products.

2. Raise awareness for the massive quantities of plastic (both recyclable and non-recyclable) being used in everyday products, and help consumers understand the impacts of their choices.

3. Benefit the bees. Many of us are familiar with terms like 'colony collapse' and 'climate change' and know that these will likely affect our global food supply in the not-too-distant future. To help fight this, Bee Balm will annually donate 5% of profits to organizations working to restore and protect pollinator populations.

Transparency and Education

Running a plastic free business is tough. We strive to create as little waste as possible during production, source sustainable materials, and use plastic-free shipping methods. Truthfully, it’s an uphill battle and is not always entirely possible. For example, our organic coconut oil comes in large plastic buckets, and we are sometimes required to use plastic shipping tape. We try to minimize packaging by buying in bulk and purchasing from suppliers that use minimal shipping materials, and are always striving to improve production efficiency.

More to Come!

There's a huge potential to change the way we make and package products but we, as consumers, have to ask for it. Bee Balm is just the first step in a line of products we hope to develop to make eco-friendly alternatives attractive and accessible.