How do I push the tube up?

To push the lip balm up, simply use your finger to gently but firmly push up on the bottom platform. When the balm is first setting in the tube, it can create a seal with the walls of the container, which can make it a bit tough to push up at first. This is easily fixed by holding the tube in your hand for a minute to warm it slightly before the first use. After that you shouldn't have any trouble!


How long does the tube take to break down?

The tube should take approximately five months to break down in an active compost pile.



How much are you actually donating to organizations supporting pollinators?


Is the label also compostable?


Do you ship to Canada?

Each year we'll donate 5% of profits or $100 - whichever is greater. Read about our 2019 donation here.

Yes! Both the tube and label are 100% compostable.

Yes! Forever and always, we will offer shipping to Canada. Although we’re currently based in Medford Massachusetts, our roots are in Ontario. If you're local to Toronto, Ottawa, or Sault Ste. Marie, we have distributors in these areas and may be able to coordinate a drop off. Otherwise, shipping to Canada is $10. Shipping fees can be waived for large orders, please contact us for inquiries.


Do you ship outside Canada and the US?


What is Burly Balm?


Who takes your beautiful photos?


Is ‘compostable’ different than ‘biodegradable’?


Do you do wholesale?

If you're outside Canada and the US and would like to make a purchase, please contact us and we'll see if we can work out a reasonable shipping cost.

Burly Balm was an idea we had early in the business to market lip balms to more outdoorsy and/or masculine folks. The flavors tend to be bolder and less traditional, and the packaging is darker and more simple. Over time, we’ve realized that having two names is more confusing than anything, so as of 2019 all flavors will be called Bee Balm. Our bolder and more unique flavors will still come in the darker packaging.



We’ve been fortunate to work with two very talented local photographers. Professional product photos are courtesy of Erik Jacobs Photography (check out his inspiring work here) and Lena Mirisola (find her heartwarming wedding photos and more here).

It can be! The term ‘biodegradable,’ is not entirely transparent, and includes products that simply keep breaking down in to smaller and smaller pieces of plastic over time. Microplastics are a huge problem in our world, so some of these ‘biodegradable’ products are actually doing more harm than good. Look for products that are compostable, reusable, or recyclable.

Yes! Please contact us about wholesale availability and pricing.